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Gallery Information

If you are an Artist interested in selling your work at the Alice W. Moore Center for the Arts Gallery,

please review the items below. All artwork needs to be juried and appointments made- No walk-ins, tx!

There are a few updated guidelines:

  • #1  All artists must be current SCAA members.

  • #2  There is a new process for entering your artwork for consideration for inclusion into the art gallery:

  •     - Artists must email photos (small size) of their original artwork to the office: 

  •       Please include a short description & price.   No dropping off artwork without this step.

  •     - Those images will be forwarded to the Jury Committee for possible acceptance.

  •     - Artists will be notified when to make an appointment to bring in artwork for final jurying.  

  •     - If your artwork is accepted, you will then receive additional information.

  • #3  Entries may be two- or three-dimensional works, including but not limited to:  paintings, drawings, prints, paper arts, metal work, photographs, clay, collage, linoleum prints, sculpture, glass, jewelry, fibers, woodwork, mixed media.

  • #4 All hanging artwork must be ready to be displayed - framed and wired.  All artwork must be finished completely.

  • #5  Artwork that is 18" x 24"  and under  -  5 pieces

  •       Artwork that is 24" x 30"  and under  -  3 pieces

  •       Artwork that is larger than 24" x 30"  -  1 piece

  •       Notecards are limited to 25.

  •       Jewelry  - 15 pieces 

  • #6  All artists must be eighteen (18) years and older.

  • #7  We are strongly encouraging very recent artwork and / or work that has never been displayed in the SCAA galleries.  We also encourage artists to occasionally turn in new artwork to replace items not sold within six months. 

  • Our guests at the Grand Reopening celebration will want to see a new gallery and new artwork.  That's why we are letting you know now, so that you can get inspired and have time during the next few months to work in your studio.

  • Inventory Intake Form (printable):  This is used to list artwork submitted for acceptance to gallery. The form can be printed on your printer and completed by hand.                                                                              

  • Inventory Intake Form (electronic):  This Inventory Intake Form that can be filled out on your computer and printed.

  • Artwork Labels:  Please fill this out for any artwork that is to be displayed.

 If you have any questions, please email the Art Association:  

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