Seasons In St. Clair

The “Seasons in St. Clair” competition lasted four years; one year for each season.  It started in 2009 with the Summer season as the theme, the yearly competition continued with Fall, then Winter and ended in 2012 with Spring as the theme season.


The St. Clair Art Association, in cooperation with the St. Clair Downtown Development Authority, sponsored the yearly “Seasons in St. Clair” competition.  First Place each year was awarded  $1000, with the top three finalists receiving an invitation to the St. Clair Art Fair with booth fees paid by the Downtown Development Authority.



Yearly Winners –


Prints for all winning Seasons in St. Clair paintings are available for purchase at the Art Center.


2009 – “Summer” winner was Loretta Markell with her painting titled “St. Clair Boardwalk”  ….


"St. Clair Boardwalk" by Loretta Markell - Seasons 2009 Winner
SCAA Public Art Committee Chairperson, Andrea Brieden (left) and Cynthia Lane with St. Clair Boardwalk by Loretta Markell


2010 – “Fall” winner was Colette Marshall with her painting titled “St. Clair is for Lovers” ….

"St. Clair is for Lovers" by Colette Alexander-Marshall Winner 2010 "Fall in St. Clair"
Colette Marshall with her painting “St. Clair is for Lovers” = Winner 2010 “Fall in St. Clair”

2011 – “Winter” winner was Vicky Path with her painting titled “Winter’s Beauty” ….

Vicky Path (right) with Public Art Committee Chair Andrea Brieden (center) & Sandy Attebury


2012 – “Spring” winner was Nik Teipel with her painting titled “Michigan Spring”….

Nik Tiepel's Michigan Spring - First Place

Colette Marshall, Andrea Brieden, Nik Teipel
Colette Marshall (2010) & Andrea Brieden (P.A. Committee rep) with Nik Teipel