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art faIR

51st Annual St. Clair Art Fair will be

June 25, 10-6 pm

and June 26, 10-5 pm



We are excited to offer a fabulous fair this year!

Our very talented members will have their artwork for sale in our 'Members Market' inside the Art Center that is inside the Riverview Plaza- right next to Drifter's. There will also be a free drawing with a chance to win one of six meijer gift cards!

The St. Clair Art Fair is one of the oldest art fairs on the east side of Michigan. Featuring over 100 visual artists along one of the largest freshwater boardwalks in the world - Painting, photography, sculpture, woodwork, pottery, jewelry and more will be on display

in Palmer Park along the St. Clair River.


Artists participating in this year's fair:

  • Allen, Alexander-Wood

  • Ambriz, Jennifer-Jewelry

  • Baker, Paul-Glass

  • Balgenorth, Alexa-Sculpture

  • Barkley, Robert-Sculpture

  • Barks, Karen-Jewelry

  • Barthel, Dan-Photography

  • Bartle, Katie-Pottery

  • Bartlett, Beverly-Jewelry

  • Blossom, Dana-Jewelry

  • Bobofchak, Gary-Jewelry

  • Bork, Shelby-Printmaking

  • Bundesen, Charise-Jewelry

  • Campbell, Avery-Painting

  • Canavan, Kenneth-Painting

  • Cardona, Robin-Fiber

  • Carmichael, Dan,-Mixed Media

  • Caudill, Trish-Pottery

  • Chumack, John-Photography

  • Cilluffo, Joseph-Mixed Media

  • Collins, Nicole-Jewelry

  • Cook, Jim & Jo-Sprinklers

  • Didia, Kelsey, Fiber-wearable

  • Ferdig, Wesley-Wood

  • Fessenbecker, Kevin-Sculpture

  • Fisk, Alan-Fiber-wearable

  • Fleckenstein-Anna, Other

  • Fox, Al-Glass

  • Galinis, Judy-Photography

  • Gardner, Sally-Jewelry

  • Geddes, Tim-Glass

  • Gilbert, Tom-Wood

  • Griffin, Jason-Other

  • Hassenzahl, Susan-Glass

  • Hawkins, Leslie-Fiber-wearable

  • Hudson, Natalie-Jewelry

  • Huyghe, Tracey-Painting

  • Iglesias, Carlos-Jewelry

  • Iglesias, Percy-Jewelry

  • Irvine, Deborah-Jewelry

  • Jearlds, Susan-Jewelry

  • Jorgensen, Amy-Basketry

  • Kelly, Byron-Wood

  • Kesterson, Roxann-Jewelry

  • Kimmet, Tiffany-Photography

  • Konseimbo, Boubakary-Painting

  • Kubicki, Olga-Jewelry

  • Laughery, Catherine-Mixed Media

  • Lee, Jon-Jewelry

  • Lee, Paige-Pottery

  • Leyrer, Jack-Pottery

  • Lind, Nancy-Pottery

  • Luteran, Sheri-Fibers

  • Markwardt, Terry-Mixed Media

  • Mason, Paul-Sculpture

  • May, Anneliese-Painting

  • McCarthy, Cathy-Painting

  • McCoy, Mary-Jewelry

  • McGill, Kristine-Jewelry

  • Miller, Amy-Other

  • Miller, Bill-Mixed Media

  • Mitchell, Chelsea-Painting

  • Okinga, Virginia-Jewelry

  • Orr, Larry-Wood

  • Paeth, Candy-Mixed Media

  • Peterson, Donna-Jewelry

  • Quenneville, Barb-Jewelry

  • Reeser, Jaron-Sculpture

  • Robertz, Troy-Mixed Media

  • Rodak, Erik-Pottery

  • Rodgers, Roy-Wood

  • Rooks, Karen- Pottery

  • Rosenberger, Bob-Pottery

  • Russell, Deborah-Mixed Media

  • Schroeder, Michael-Mixed Media

  • Siefker, Janet-Fiber-wearable

  • Solomon, Steven-Mixed Media

  • Spezia, Jennifer-Photography

  • Spry, Sharon-Jewelry

  • Stanke, Craig-Other

  • Steinkraus, Karen-fiber

  • Stockhausen, Mark-Wood

  • Stretten, Brendon-Pottery

  • Sullivan, Elisabeth-Painting

  • Szymanski, Carolyn-Pottery

  • Taggart, Steve-Pottery

  • Vinson, Shirleigh-Fiber-wearable

  • Warbington, Mary-Mixed Media

  • Weller, John-Photography

  • West-Martino, Patti-Jewelry

  • Wilson, Lisa-Pottery

  • Woerner, Antonietta-Mixed Media

  • Wolf, Meghan-Jewelry

  • Zeldes, Erik-Other

  • Zimin, Larisa-Mixed Media

  • Zimmer DeMichele, Kelly-Mixed Media

pop up gala.jpg

pop-up gala

Coming in 2023


 This outdoor dinner party will feature live music and bring together people from all over the community for a casually elegant night of celebrating the arts and supporting the Art Association.

How does it work?

  • Wear black, white, or a combination of both ( “casual” elegance and creativity is encouraged! )

  • Bring a table, chairs, white tablecloth, non-disposable place settings, and a faux candlelit centerpiece (“casual” creative elegance is encouraged for your tablescape, too! ) 

  • Bring food and your favorite drinks, champagne, wine, beer, etc.

  • Park at the north end St Clair Riverview Plaza lot, walk to the Plaza courtyard, and set up your space

  • Dine and listen to the music

  • Celebrate and dance under the stars with old and new friends

  • Pack up, leaving no trace behind until next year’s event

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