Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions for most classes that are offered can be found below.  Click on the highlighted class name to view photos showing samples of the artwork created by students or students at work in the class.  


Clay Classes

  • Clay Throwing – Code A-1 (Advanced) or A-8 (Beginning) – Discover how to throw clay on the pottery wheel – centering, pulling walls and tooling.  Includes clay, firing, and glazes.  Maximum of seven students in the Advanced class and six in the Beginning class.
  • Exploring Clay – Code A-4 – Use tile-making, sculpture and hand building techniques to create your own clay designs.
  • Clay Hand Building and Sculpture – Code A-12 – Possibilities unlimited! Using pinch, coil and slab techniques, create functional and decorative pieces – busts, bas-relief and 3-dimensional figures.  Supplies and firing included.
  •  Wheel Throwing – Code A-22 – Cultivate the skills and techniques of clay throwing in a relaxed setting. Clay, glaze and firing time included.
  • Clay Mosaics – Code A-20 – Mosaics full of color and patterns have held a special place in the history of man.  Use clay hand building techniques to create your own beautiful art piece.
  • Polymer Clay Beads – Code A-15 – Polymer clay is non-toxic and very easy to work with.  You can cure it in your stove’s oven or a toaster oven.  Most brands are durable (unless it is very thin), water-proof, and when the beads are strung, will pick up a patina over time from your skin oils and from being handled, so they age well.  It comes in a huge variety of colors, including translucent, metallic, and “stone”. If you don’t have the color you want, you can mix it by using other colors.  It has a long shelf life, if not exposed to heat and sunlight.   But, the very best reason for playing with polymer clay is that it is just plain fun.  You can turn out nice looking projects with little or no practice.  It can be very relaxing, unless the tiger you are trying to make wants to be a rabbit instead.  They you just go with the flow.  The class is for ages 12 and up.  Learn how to make your own beads out of this colorful, lightweight, oven-bake clay.  We’ll do snakes, spheres, ovals, bi-cones, lentils, citrus and more.  Polymer clay, materials and most tools supplied.
  • Polymer Clay Sculpture – Code A-14 – Sculpt polymer clay, a hands-on clay that molds easily into figures or objects.  Colorful polymer clay is easy to clean off hands and clothes.  It bakes in the class and students take home a project each week.  Starting with simple turtles, students will also create little animation characters from movies.  Then as each week progresses, students will develop skills to create cats, dogs, birds, candleholders and more.
  •  Polymer Clay Curios – Code A19 – Learn how to make animals, ornaments and other items out of this colorful, lightweight, oven-bake clay.  Create with whimsy and imagination.


Painting & Drawing Classes

  • Advanced Watercolor – Code A-3 – Develop a deeper understanding of the watercolor medium through individual studies.
  • Drawing and Beyond – Code A-5 – Students explore the impact of art and design on everyday life.  Each student will select an area of personal interest to create a 3D model from their imagination.  Drawing skills and techniques will lead to experimentation with a variety of sculpture materials.
  • Drawing and Painting – Code A-6 – The classical approach to drawing is studied along with watercolor or acrylic painting.
  • Beginning Acrylic – Code A-10 – An intense study of this medium is explored with instruction on its application and techniques.
  •  Beginning Pastel – Code A-21 – Explore the basics of pastels as the primary medium for fine art painting.  Create wonderful paintings with pastels.


Youth Classes

  • Art Club!! – Code Y-1  – Two-dimensional art explored: Drawing, painting and printmaking.  Age 9 & up.
  • Hands in Clay – Code Y-2  – Develop hand building and basic glazing techniques.  Maximum of 8 students allows for individual assistance and growth.  Age 7 & up.
  • Copper and Wood Class –  Code Y-3  – Design a project using copper tooling and wood.  Age 9 & up.
  • Art Club Friday!! – Code Y-4  – Crafts, fabric painting, sewing and needlework are used in project designs.  Age 9 & up.
  •  Art 101 – Code Y-5 – Designed to introduce children to the elements of art.  Great for homeschoolers who are looking for a tailor-made course for their child’s first art educational needs.


Photography Classes

  • How-To Digital Photography – Code A-13  – Learn, practice and review all in one session.  Each week we’ll go over how to set up your camera for a different type of photography.  You’ll have time to practice the techniques, both inside and outside, then we’ll review the images as a class.  We’ll cover landscapes, macro, portraits, still life and telephoto.
  •  Learn Photoshop – Code A-18.  Learn the Photoshop interface and tools to enhance photos.  With the three courses, (Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced), we cover the material you will need to pass Adobe’s Certification Associate test.


Fiber Classes

  • Tangling Yarn-Knit & Crochet – Code A-7  – Join the thousands of people who tangle yarn to relax.  Learn to made a cotton dishcloth for your first project.  You can either knit or crochet (or both).  After the dishcloth, you can go on to other simple yarn projects.
  • Sewing –  Code A-9  – Choose a sewing or quilting project then learn the skills to successfully complete the item.  Bring your ideas or select a pre-planned project at the first class.
  • Beginning Quilting  – Code A-11  – Learn basic skills using the Log Cabin block pattern.  Choose from several projects. Material list will be provided in first class session.


Other Studio Classes

  • Printmaking – Code A-2  – Be a modern Rembrandt and learn how to make an etching on our printing press.  All materials are provided.
  • Visual Communications – Code A-16 – Learn the language that conveys ideas visually through drawing, painting and graphics.  It’s an ongoing course designed to challenge and stimulate the creative thinking of the serious student, especially those in high school, pursuing a voice through the arts.