The St. Clair Art Association was formed in 1971 (incorporated in 1972) by a small group of citizens with the objective of stimulating an interest in the arts and developing creative activities for the benefit and enjoyment of the public.
The mission of the St. Clair Art Association is to advance the knowledge and appreciation of the many facets of the world of art.  We endeavor to be the creative link between artists and other community organizations.  We fulfill this mission through the art fair, gallery, classes and programs.
Our annual International St. Clair Art Fair features artists with a panorama of creative talents displayed on the shores of the St. Clair River. The gallery provides a showcase for artists to display and market their creations. Our classes, designed for all ages and abilities, open the door into a wider, broader world. The programs include lectures, demonstrations, tours and trips to both entertain and educate.
SCAA’s home is the Alice W. Moore Center for the Arts in the Suite A6 of the Riverview Plaza at 201 N. Riverside in Downtown St. Clair.