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September 2020

Art Fair Booth Locations

Artist’s booth locations are in Palmer Park and Riverview Plaza.  All booth spots are 15′ front x 10′ deep.


In the photographs below you can see what the areas for artist booths at the St. Clair Art Fair look like during “non-busy” times.  These photos were taken in August 2018.  The captions on each photo describe the location shown in the photo using a generic Art Fair map.     Click on an individual photo to enlarge it.


Palmer Park along the Boardwalk (areas A-E on the Art Fair map) – Booth setup is on grass facing the river.  The boundary between the boardwalk and grass is a 4″x4″ wood piece.  The ground within 10′ of the boardwalk slopes up from the boardwalk 8″-12″ in area A, 10″-14″ in areas B and C, 11″-14″ in area D and 6″-8″ in area E.  Tent stakes are not allowed in Palmer Park.


Palmer Park along the Riverside Avenue sidewalk (area F – J on the Art Fair map) – Booth setup is on grass facing the street.  These locations are fairly level with little or no slope.  Tent stakes are not allowed in Palmer Park.


Riverview Plaza corridors (areas M and N on the Art Fair map) – Setup is on cement walks under the corridor roofs.  There are several skylights and additional ceiling lighting is installed during the Art Fair.  Tents are not allowed in the corridors.


Plaza Park – effective with the 2020 Art Fair artist booths will not be located in Plaza Park.