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2014 Street Banners

2014 Street Banner Contest –  “Fort Sinclair” 


Brochure Fort PhotoThe theme of the sixth annual Street Banner Contest was “Fort Sinclair”.  2014 is the 250th anniversary of the fort built in 1764 by the British.   This year’s Street Banner project was in collaboration with the Saint Clair Historical Commission and was the kick-off of a year of special activities planned by the Historical Commission marking the 250th anniversary of Fort Sinclair.

The votes were tallied and the results are in.

Youth Banners –

  • 1st Place – Legacy of Sinclair (#20) by Luke Jolly
  • 2nd Place – Canoe of Sunrise (#21) by Jenna Cloutier
  • 3rd Place – The Watcher (#15) by Taylor Nguyen

Adult Banners –

  • 1st Place – The Griffin (#1) by Marie Schumacher
  • 2nd Place – What Does the Fox Say? (#3) by Caity McFadden
  • 3rd Place – Birch Tree (#9) by Marilyn Biernot


All the banner entries are shown below; hover over an image to view the title and artist, click on an individual banner to open a larger viewThe banners will be located on city street lampposts as well as hang throughout Riverview Plaza.  

Right - "A Bit of the Past" by Adelaide Spencer Left - "Fort Sinclair" by Lea Kemle & Kaylie McNamara.  Right - "Sunset Over Fort Sinclair" by Samantha Howell Left - "Chippewa Woman in Traditional Strap Dress" by Susan Pung. Right - "A Day in the Life" by Melissa Joiner Left - "Birch Tree" by Marilyn Biernot.  Right - "Oak Leaves" by Marilyn Biernot Left - "The History of St Clair" by Michelle Hoskin.  Right - "Our Heritage" by Michelle Hoskin Left - "Canoe at Sunrise" by Jenna Cloutier. Right - "Fox" by Holly Wingate Left - "A Day at the Fort" by MacKenzie Howell.  Right - "Animals of Fort Sinclair" by Michelle Finley Left - "By The River" by Erica Wiencek.  Right - "Busy Beaver" by Courtney Bieszczad Left - "The Fort" by Alexander Currie.  Right - "A Forest Day" by Elizabeth Lukas Left - "The Block House" by Tristan Unger.  Right - "Legacy of Sinclair" by Luke Jolly Left - "What Does the Fox Say?" by Caity McFadden.  Right - "Old Time of Fort Sinclair" by Emilee Laenen Left - "The Griffin" by Marie Schumacher.  Right - "Fort Sinclair Settlers" by Anne Harris Left - "The Fish and The Fort" by Katelyn Vutci.  Right - "The Watcher" by Taylor Nguyen