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The Potters 4 Exhibit

The Potters 4 Exhibit

For the first time the Art Center hosted two special exhibits at the same time.   At the front of the Art Center and in the mall windows The Potters 4 exhibit  was on display until November 8th, 2014. 


The Potters 4 are local artists Dave Fry, “Charlie” Imboden, Sondra Maryon and Carolyn Szymanski.  Dave and Sondra both started their clay classes with SCAA instructors “Charlie” (Cheryl) and Carolyn.   These artists provided the following: 


Dave Fry –


Five years ago my youngest went off to college and my interest in clay finally got me to sign-up at SCAA Art classes. I was hooked and I’ve taken classes ever since with Carolyn Szymanski, an outstanding instructor. 

The work I do is mostly about people. The way I perceive them and how they think is what I’m trying to communicate.  The clay pieces I create help me carve or sculpt my stone work which is my main focus.


“Charlie” Imboden –


I graduated from Western Michigan University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Art with a specialty in Pottery. I work out of my home studio and mix my own glazes.  I’ve been teaching the wheel throwing class at St. Clair Art Association for 8 years.


Sondra Maryon –


Nine years ago I took my first clay classes at the St. Clair Art Association with the wonderful instructors, Charlie Imboden and Carolyn Szymanski. I now own the Clay Maid Pottery studio in Marysville, Michigan.

My work is decorative and functional stoneware pottery. It’s whimsical in nature, is meant to brighten the soul, bring about a smile and celebrate innocence.


Carolyn Szymanski –


Clay, what a versatile art medium with so many forming techniques to explore. Choose from hundreds of glazes and decorative finishes to complete a work. Whether the plan is for a functional or decorative piece, the creative process involved is an exciting adventure for the body, mind and soul.

I’ve been a clay instructor for years now and have yet to quench my thirst – my enthusiasm – my passion for the art of pottery. Having gratitude for my teaching position at the SCAA, I look forward to many more years of being a guide for those travelers wanting to journey through the media of pottery, painting, graphics and fibers.


The work from these four artists will be on display at the front of the Art Center gallery until November 8.

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