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Loretta Markell Exhibit


Loretta Markell – 2013 St. Clair Art Fair Featured Artist

The Day Red Stars Fell on the Boardwalk by Loretta Markell

The Day Red Stars Fell on the Boardwalk by Loretta Markell



The Art Association was honored to welcome Loretta Markell as the featured artist of the 42nd annual St. Clair Art Fair.   Her works were on display in the Art Center Exhibit gallery through July 27.  Loretta provided the following information for exhibit program –


“My inspiration comes from stories.  Most of my paintings start with an idea from something I’ve read, seen or imagined.  I combine this with my own life’s experiences and it becomes a new narrative.  I am influenced by nature, music, mythology, fairy tales, movies the daily news and other artists.”





Below are some photographs of the exhibit – click on a photo to view a larger version. 

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The following was included in the program for the 2013 St. Clair Art Fair –

A Metro Detroiter all of her life, Loretta Markell lived in Detroit, Grosse Pointe Woods, and Harsen’s Island before settling in China Town­ship where she has lived with her husband and family for the past 24 years. Although she has always had a keen interest in the arts, Loretta did not begin her formal art education until her early 40s when she enrolled in a sculpture class with Jim Pallas at the Macomb Community College.  She enjoyed it so much that she went on to pursue a degree in photography at Wayne State University where she received her BFA in 1983.

After graduation, she became a vol­unteer docent at the Detroit Institute of Arts and conducted tours for youth and adults for 20 years. Loretta was invited to join the DIA Docent and Speakers Bureau. While learning art history from Michael Farrell at the DIA, Loretta developed an appreciation for many of the old masters such as Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, and Joan Miro. In 1990, Lo­retta was inspired to return to Wayne State where she pursued her MFA with advisor and mentor, Tom Parish.

Loretta has learned from many excellent teachers, particularly De­troit’s Charles McGee. Teaching at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, McGee often referred to art as a com­position of patterns and lines on canvas and reinforced that nature is our best teacher. When we study nature we can see unique patterns such as ripples on the water or sections of a leaf. Loretta noted much of her work has been in­spired by nature. She said, “If you just look [at nature], you will see [the art].”

Four years ago, Loretta won first place in SCAA’s initial “Seasons in St. Clair” competition, Summer in St. Clair. Many of her works may be seen throughout the St. Clair County Build­ing and the St. Clair Library. She also has had numerous pieces on display at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, the Scarab Club, the Detroit Artists Market, The Detroit Gallery for Con­temporary Art, Studio 1219 in Port Hu­ron, the International Show at the Port Huron Museum, the Level One Bank in Ferndale, and the Merge Gallery in Oxford, Michigan.

Loretta likes the contemporary art­ists and noted: “An artist today really has to be focused because there are so many choices and mediums from which to create art. It’s up to the artist to organize what is seen and to interpret the shapes and lines into something meaningful.”

The St. Clair Art Association is honored to welcome Loretta Markell as the featured artist of the 42 nd annual St. Clair Art Fair. Her works are showcased at the Alice W. Moore Center for the Arts.