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Jason Stier Exhibit

My Art Project – Jason Stier solo exhibit during September, 2014


PostcardMy Art Project began the very moment I was born. Each day, learning new skills and experiencing new moments.  These memories all became part of the art I would create later in life.  As Art is a direct reflection of who we are.


Like any child, I dabbled in creation at a very young age; making marks, building, and exploring.  Learning from my mistakes, and building upon my triumphs; I continued to find pleasure in creating.  Little did I know that Art would be my driving passion even as an adult.


It was the discovery of my grandfather’s dusty sketchbooks that made me truly recognize the magic of Art.  The way that he had captured his memories and observations with a simple pencil and paper was something permanent and moving, ideas and memories frozen in time for all to observe and enjoy.


As a grade school student I found Art to be freeing.  The ability to learn, play and discover led to experimentation with a large variety of materials and ideas.  My teachers truly encouraged creativity and individuality all while teaching valuable skills and techniques.  Although momentarily derailed after high school, I soon discovered that Art and teaching were the keys to finding my true calling.  I wanted to share the passion of Art with others.


DSC04731After completing my Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and K-12 Teaching Certification at Eastern Michigan University I found my dream job (or perhaps I should say it found me) teaching Visual Arts at Riverview East High School where I have taught since 2001.  Developing the art program in this alternative education environment led to life-long relationships with staff and students and an even more powerful understanding of the impact of Art on our lives.  Since become a Visual Arts teacher at R.E.H.S. I have gone on to earn my Masters Degree in Alternative Education, been recognized as the Michigan Alternative Education Teacher of the year, worked on numerous Art fairs, exhibitions, classes, workshops, and public art projects.  Most importantly, I have been part of a larger, more significant art movement in my classroom and community.  I have grown up with Art, and continue to DSC04732witness and nurture the impact of ART FOR ALL!!!!!


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