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Dan Lancaster Exhibit

From late September to early November, 2015, the Art Center Exhibit Gallery and front windows were to site of a unique exhibit, Illuminate the Night, featuring the work of Michigan artist Daniel Lancaster.   Daniel’s artist statement for the exhibit was – 


side-lights-off-1 CroppedMy sculptures have an aspect similar to the fluidity of water or the mesmerizing effect of fire. In nature, there is something so compelling about watching the dance and change of a campfire or a moving river in the sun. Through constant manipulation of light and through the flow of color, I create movement and an interesting but tranquilizing rhythm that draws you in.


Light changes our perception of color. Manipulation of light in the sculpture transforms hues throughout tDaniel Installing Workhe piece, with individual portions variously taking on the color of the lights instead of the original material properties. This creates an exciting interplay of moving color. Light also changes our perception of form. The constant manipulation of shadows and highlights seem to redefine the shapes we see, constantly creating ambiguity between what is figure and what is ground. 


My life revolves around working with my hands. I can fix, repair, and make almost anything. I enjoy labor-intensive tasks, and the physical process of working, whether I am lying in a puddle of oil under my truck or in my studio, I like to get my hands dirty. Work gives me the chance to use my creativity, intuition and sweat; therefore my lifestyle is art. 



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