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Andrew Krieger Exhibit

Andrew Krieger – 2014 St. Clair Art Fair Featured Artist

Andrew Krieger Featured Artist







From the Art Fair Program – A professional carpenter, Andy constructed a work area in the back of his home accompanied by the tools of his trade.  There he has created many friends and a world he and they can share.  Now in his 40s and the father of two children, he graduated from Cass Tech High School then attended the Cleveland Institute of Art.  Close up of Boy Working in various media, his diverse creations include painting, carving, drawing and woodworking.


He noted: I construct my pieces from my experience as a carpenter, I paint them and carve them to help alter my senses and perception, setting up scenarios so I can feel part of the work.  So I can step inside and participate in things that I can’t do in the real world.  Part of this process involves using traditional artistic tools (perspective, and 3 dimensionality) and content (landscape, figurative work) that I employ to try and trick my senses and make an emotional impact so that other people can then bring in their own memories and feelings into the work.  Most of my work has some kind of potential audience interaction, and while I take great care in arranging me compositions, the work usually has movable elements that can be rearranged to someone else’s liking.  This sense of play and connectedness to my work is very important to me and the success of the piece.

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KREIGER KREIGER WINDOW VIEW KREIGER PTG SHOP FRONTKrieger Birth of a Giant Unnoticed by the Passage of Time DSC04704 DSC04702 Andrew Krieger Featured Artist 2014 Art Fair Andrew Krieger  titled Boy